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~ Uniting Our Voices for Montessori Education ~

The Pacific Northwest Montessori Association is a catalyst for creating the united common voice required to advocate effectively for Montessori communities. It is our goal to bring together Montessori educators of the Northwest to work in excellence and prosperity; providing meaningful communication to our members and creating a strong Montessori community.


The mission of the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association is to encourage, support and advocate for excellent Montessori education, as well as unite Montessori communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Recent PNMA Event:

Join the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association at our Fall Event with AMI Primary Trainer Mary Raudonis Loew

Back to Basics - Keynote Address & Workshops

Saturday, October 13 from 8:30 am-4:00 pm (doors open at 8:00 am) at Green River Conference & Event Center

Mary Raudonis Loew is currently the director of training for Montessori Northwest’s Seattle primary course and has been an AMI primary trainer since 1971.  Mary has been working in the field of Montessori education since 1963 when she received AMI primary training from Margaret E. Stephenson in Washington, DC. She has 23 years of classroom experience and has established primary training courses in 3 different cities. Mary has assisted in the start up of numerous schools and has 11 years experience as a school director. She has offered workshops in all areas of Montessori pedagogy, and serves as a consultant, examiner, and 3-6 trainer of the AMI. She has a special interest in the development of programs for adolescents. She has a BA degree with a focus in education, psychology and creative writing.

Transition: Supporting the Child from Age 5-7 
An Afternoon Workshop with Mary Raudonis Loew
An insightful and inspiring workshop for both primary and elementary teachers.  You will gain skills on utilizing the extensions of classroom materials. This workshop will help you learn how to engage the oldest children in their final year of the primary classroom, as well as know how prepare them for elementary.  Elementary teachers will gain valuable insight into helping support the youngest students in the classroom and provide the perfect materials and extensions for the transitioning child entering your classroom community.  

Sensorial Games as a Means to Develop Love and Connection to Environment 
An Afternoon Workshop with Mary Raudonis Loew

“To be able to distinguish, classify, and catalogue external things on the basis of a secure order already established in the mind--this is at once intelligence and culture...it is not the accumulation of a direct knowledge of things which forms the (person) of letters, the scientist, and the connoisseur; it is the prepared order established in the mind which is to receive such knowledge.” 

 –Maria Montessori, Spontaneous Activity in Education

As we look again at the sensorial materials, we will find in them rich opportunities for further exploration and discovery. As the children meet their broader world with an expanding consciousness, we see that mastery is not the end point but is an opening into another dimension of awareness.


  • Supporting Gross Motor Skills in a Toddler Environment - Francine Pelaez
  • Supporting the Development of Empathy, Compassion & Warmth - Francine Pelaez
  • Contracts & Work Plans: Providing Structure and Responsibility - Mary Moore
  • New Developments Within the Department of Children, Youth & Families - Heather West, Regional Licensing Administrator 
  • Best Student Safety Practices for Montessori Schools - Rick Kaiser

Mary Raudonis Loew 
AMI Director of Training

Keynote presentations & hands-on workshops applicable to all levels. Morning refreshments & lunch included with your registration!  

MERIT/STARS Credits & WA Clock Hours available.

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