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  • January 21, 2015 11:12 PM | Nancy NDCWebDesign (Administrator)
    PNMA has sent a Montessori School Census survey out to our member schools. Any Montessori School in Washington State is welcome to participate. Follow this link:

  • January 10, 2015 2:55 PM | Nancy NDCWebDesign (Administrator)

    Greenwood Chocolati on Saturday January 24th, 10-11:30am

    What is it?
    A structured way to have a conversation around themes generated by its participants. These coffees will be themed around Montessori issues, whichever are important to you! You bring an idea such as:
    How do we keep kindergarten students?
    How do we spread awareness of Montessori?
    What are your favorite places to find Practical Life supplies?
    How do you assist children with unique learning needs?
    What have been your most effective fundraisers?
    What are your favorite classroom traditions?

    and we will it as discuss as a group.

    How does it look?
    1) Write your idea on a post-it
    Everyone writes Montessori topics + questions on post-its.

    2)Vote for your favorite ideas
    Quickly, everyone will put a dot on the post-its that they would like to talk about. Ideas then get sorted by how many dots they have.
    Learn and share!

    3)Talk about what's important.
    Each idea gets 8 minutes, and then a quick check to see if we should spend more time or move to the next idea.

    Where and when is it?
    The next one is at Greenwood Chocolati on Saturday January 24th, 10-11:30a. There will be one once a month at various locations in the Seattle area, including local schools.

    Stay updated or sign up to host one here:

    Who is invited?
    Any Montessorian is welcome! AMS, AMI, and more. Administrators, classroom assistant, trained guides, music teachers, heads of school, and so on. Every role adds a unique and important perspective!

    Why do I care?

    It is so easy to be bogged down, caught up in the present, or just run out of time in our field. I see two vital reasons to use our valuable time and be together: 1) Montessori is an oral tradition, so much history, techniques, experience, and fantastic ideas will be lost if we don't talk to each other. 2) This work requires its practitioners to devote their entire selves. This work is deeply personal, life transforming, and incredibly demanding. We need a community to support us in this undertaking!

    Let's get together and share what we do!

    Karissa Lightsmith, Lighthouse Montessori

  • January 08, 2015 1:44 PM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)
    We want to hear from you!  While our Seattle Preschool Program Community Meetings have concluded, we still want to hear from you and your stakeholders on each of the topics discussed.  We have created the following surveys to continue the conversation, gather more input and provide an opportunity for folks who didn’t get a chance to comment.
    Surveys will be available for public comment until January 15, 2015.
    ·         Contracting & Enrollment Survey
    ·         Teacher Training Survey
    ·         Curriculum Survey
    ·         Teacher Certification Survey
    ·         Dual Language Programs Survey
    ·         Family Engagement Survey
    Meeting materials: Copies of all presentations, handouts, and notes from the Community Meetings can be found on the Documents section of our website.  Pictures of the small group discussion and materials by meeting can be found on the Events page of our website.
    Rachel Schulkin
    Community Outreach Manager
    Seattle Preschool Program
  • December 10, 2014 2:11 PM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)


    December 6th, 2014 was the 3rd MACTE Symposium in WA.D.C. and recognition of the Elders!!! This is the picture showing the recipients of the "MACTE
    Wisdom of the Elders" award. Starting from the right side: Frank Brainard,
    Betsie Coe, Carmen Delgado, Marina Grau, (next is Rebecca Pelton Exec.
    Director of MACTE), David Kahn, Gulsevin Kayihan, Doris Sommers.

  • December 01, 2014 7:16 PM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)

    A TEDx talk I gave has just been posted online!


    Think you might find it interesting and resonate with the message. I talk about new findings about the brain that are turning long-held ideas about education and life on their head – especially debunking the notion that the most efficient and effective strategy for advancing academic achievement is to focus on academics alone.


    Would love to reach people far and wide – with the goal of helping more children thrive and of having more sensible policies for children.  Can you help get word out about the talk?  Please let your colleagues and friends know – reach out to your network of contacts.  Encourage them to share it, reaching out to others they know.


    Thanks ever so much.  Much appreciated.


    warm regards,



    Prof. Adele Diamond, PhD, FRSC
    Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience      
            University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver



    For anyone moved by the talk to take action, we have created an avenue for that:


    See more details under Breaking News at:


  • November 18, 2014 5:02 PM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)

    Join us for a special screening of the documentary

    “The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of our Nation”

    To air this spring on PBS


    Followed by a panel discussion including King County Executive Dow Constantine



    Thursday, November 20, 2014

    6:00 Doors Open * Refreshments and Information Booths

    Program 6:20 to 8:30 p.m.| IKEA Performing Arts Center at Renton High School

    Register Here






  • October 21, 2014 4:48 PM | Nancy NDCWebDesign (Administrator)
    Contact: Diana Mamerto Holz

    Phone: (253) 833-9111

    Montessori Cosmic Curriculum 1

    Instructs students on the making and/or use of a wide range of elementary Montessori astronomy, geology, oceanography, geography and ecology material - from Solar System and volcano models, rock specimens, and ocean dioramas to plate tectonics, biome murals, rainforest layers, and water experiments, and many other science activities. These content studies encompass the first and the second great Montessori lessons, namely, The Story of the Universe and The Story of the Earth. The course also includes the relevant Next Generation Science Standards as well as teaching techniques emphasizing science instruction to diverse learners, inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and effective employment of multifarious traditional and online resources. Class meets on the main campus in Auburn on Tuesdays from 5-9pm and in a well-equipped Montessori classroom from 9-3:30 on 1/10/15, 2/7/15, and 3/7/15. Cost is $641.70 for 5 college credits. Instructor: Sandy Johnson

  • October 21, 2014 4:46 PM | Nancy NDCWebDesign (Administrator)
    Contact: Diana Mamerto Holz

    Phone: (253) 833-9111


    Green River Community College is recruiting new students to participate in a cohort for potential MACTE certification at the Early Childhood level. Class meets every Tuesday from 5-9pm on the main campus in Auburn. Two Saturday sessions each month are scheduled from 9-2pm. A 15 hour weekly practicum is required in a classroom of 2 1/2 through 6 year olds. Students attend for four quarters, including summer. For more information, email Diana Mamerto Holz at

  • October 03, 2014 12:58 PM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)

    Hear informative presentations by WFIS, PSESD, and other educators and entities involved with private and independent schools. Learn about schools and legal issues, technology developments, crises planning, social issues and more! Browse a showcase for services and support that are available to private schools at special discounts and rates. Network with your peers and win door prizes!

    Take advantage of the group discount rate! Bring a school team of 3 or more (must register as a group to qualify) so you can benefit from all the breakouts being offered. REGISTER NOW!

    For the complete list of breakout sessions please see:

  • September 17, 2014 9:16 AM | Dee Hirsch (Administrator)

     Seattle Channel host Brian Callanan will lead the discussion, 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 24, at Town Hall, 1119 Eighth Ave. Seattle Speaks is presented by Seattle Channel, Town Hall Seattle and Seattle CityClub.


    Joining the conversation to discuss the impacts of high-quality early learning will be Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess representing the city-endorsed pre-K proposal (Proposition 1B) and Heather Weiner speaking in favor of the union-backed I-107 (Proposition 1A).

    Admission to Seattle Speaks is free but advance registration is required. Register at or call (206) 682-7395. Doors open at 6 p.m. with audience instructions at 6:30 p.m. and the live televised program at 7 p.m.

    The program will be broadcast live on Seattle Channel cable 21 (HD on Comcast 321 and Wave 721) and online at seattlechannel.orgJoin the conversation in person or online, where you can take part in polls and voice your opinion via social media and e-mail. Take the pre-show poll online now:


    SEATTLE voters will choose between two competing preschool-related measures on the November ballot: a city-backed, four-year, $58 million property-tax levy to fund a pilot, high-quality pre-kindergarten program or a union-backed proposal seeking better pay and training for child-care workers.


    The next episode of Seattle Speaks will feature a conversation with political leaders and a live audience to consider the future of publicly funded early childhood education.


    Should Seattle become one of the few cities in the nation to offer universal high-quality preschool? Or should voters support union-backed Initiative 107, which if approved would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for child-care workers and create a training program for early childhood educators?

    Union members say their proposal would reach more kids. Critics contend the union plan is an unfunded mandate and argue both measures may take away from limited public resources already spread thin across the education system.


    Seattle Speaks is an Emmy-award winning program with a real-time, multimedia format featuring audience polling meters, online polling, social media, e-mail and video segments. Previous programs have addressed minimum wage, same-sex marriage, marijuana policy, neighborhood growth, the future of Seattle’s waterfront, youth violence and the state of Seattle Public Schools

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