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Regional meetings about access to early learning:

The Raising of America

Public Television will broadcast an important series about the status and future of early childhood education and the impact in our society.  

Regional Pre-Screenings are available including one by King County in Renton...see our news post.  Spokane hosted a major screening with the project director in November.  To follow the development of this project go to

Seattle Preschool Plan Implementation

Seattle voted to approve the Seattle Preschool Plan by the City Council.  Their planning has taken many steps to get to the ballot and is now starting implementation.
Six Community Conversations are scheduled from November 22 to December 10.  See our news post for a quick reference.

Go Deeper at the SEATTLE.GOV page


We share an extended community as educators and providers of high quality Montessori learning centers.  The opportunities we encounter for sharing our experiences are growing and PNMA invites everyone to become an advocate for your profession in your own community; see ADVOCACY FOR MONTESSORI

DEL ADVISORY MEETINGS are convened with Montessori School Directors quarterly.  This group has met since December 2013 and will report our discussions posted in this site.

MONTESSORI ADVOCACY FOCUS GROUP of the Montessori Advocacy Council includes representatives from PNMA to network and coordinate resources for our state advocacy work linked with Montessori advocates in other States.
Updates are posted at

Board Members extend our Montessori impact: WFIS; Washington Federation of Independent Schools board member Charis Sharp
ELAC; Early Learning Advisory Council member Dee Hirsch
MACTE; Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education Board member Gulsevin Kayihan


Annual Membership Terms are set to renew based on your date of joining. Once you are a member you can take active part in the organization!

Visit our Membership Page to download our Volunteer Application.  


We invite all Montessori Educators to join us for a year of connecting, growing, and learning. 

Members have full access to the features on this site and receive notification e-mails about our events.


In your first year of membership you can be sponsored by your Teacher Education Center or Internship Site if the center or site is a current member in our directory.

All current members have an invoice and email reminder 30 days prior to your anniversary date.  Log into the site with your email and password to access your profile. Have you lost touch with your membership?  Need assistance with renewal?  Just send us a message and we can help you renew.  Stay current for all benefits. Contact Us at



Email Us at:

PNMA is a membership organization and non-profit in the State of Washington.  Our membership is inclusive of anyone who chooses to join us and we welcome Montessori Professionals of any certification.  Our roots of pedagogy and Montessori principles are the foundation of our professional community.  Membership is open at all times and renewed each year in September.  See our Membership page for more details.

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