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The Pacific Northwest Montessori Association is a catalyst for creating the united common voice required to advocate effectively for Montessori communities. It is our goal to bring together Montessori educators of the Northwest to work in excellence and prosperity; providing meaningful communication to our members and creating a strong Montessori community.


The mission of the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association is to encourage, support and advocate for excellent Montessori education, as well as unite Montessori communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

WINTER SEMINAR Speaker Announcement! 

    We are so excited to have Adele Diamond, PhD, as the speaker for our Winter Seminar on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Adele Diamond is the Canada Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She is a member of the Royal Society of Canada and was recently recognized as one the 15 most influential neuroscientists alive today.

    Prof. Diamond is at the forefront of research on ‘executive functions’ and on the brain’s prefrontal cortex on which they depend. Executive functions include 'thinking outside the box' (cognitive flexibility), mentally relating ideas and facts (working memory), and giving considered responses rather than impulsive ones, resisting temptations and staying focused (inhibitory control, including selective attention).

    She has made discoveries that have improved treatment for two different medical disorders and discoveries that have impacted education, improving the lives of millions of children. Her work has shown that executive functions can be improved even in the very young.

    Adele Diamond was educated at Swarthmore (B.A., Phi Beta Kappa), Harvard (Ph.D.), and Yale Medical School (postdoc). Her many awards include an honorary doctorate (Honoris Causa) from Ben-Gurion University, the Bronfenbrenner Award for Lifetime Contributions to Developmental Psychology in the Service of Science and Society, named a “Woman of Distinction” by the YWCA, and named one of the “2000 Outstanding Women of the 20th Century.”

    Dr. Adele Diamond
    Research Chair Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at the
    University of British Columbia

    Winter Seminar Registration

    Workshop Topics & Speakers:

    • "Developing Compassion with Children" 
presented by Roslyn Duffy
    • "Creating an Anti-Bias Atmosphere in the Classroom" presented by Scott C. Hall
    • "Supporting Toddlerhood in the Primary Environment" presented by Laurie Adams
    • "Peace Curriculum in the Montessori Classroom" presented by Angie Burrell
    • "Mindfulness" presented by Renee Metty
    • "The Positive Discipline Approach to Classroom Management" presented by Karissa Lightsmith

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